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These 2 girls did 3 phases of the Tomatis® program for different reasons and at different times. Ages 8 and 11

Both students of Eaton Arrowsmith School Vancouver

My two daughters each completed 3 rounds of Tomatis® listening program with Jennifer.

8 year old
One daughter prior to Tomatis had mumbled speech, was frequently using incorrect grammar and when corrected couldn’t remember the corrections given. Following Tomatis® she had great improvement in the clarity of her speech, less confusion in verbal instructions and was calmer and less emotionally impulsive. She appeared to be following/participating in conversations in real-time and not delayed like she previously was.

11 year old.
My other daughter prior to Tomatis® was extremely anxious, emotionally volatile. When she got into a bad mood, she would hold a grudge for a great length of time ie up to 1-2 days and our household was extremely unsettled as a result of it. We spent many years treading on eggshells around her as her bad moods were unbearable. Following each round of Tomatis my daughter’s emotional volatility significantly reduced and she became less obviously anxious. After 3 rounds we have a child who is no longer emotionally volatile and unstable, if upset by something she is able to control her mood and take a moment to regroup to become positive. She can verbalise her disappointed now rather than expressing that frustration through negative/reactive behaviour. She is so much happier and more centred within herself and we are so grateful that she completed this therapy. We have a happier household/family life as a result of it.

Tomatis® review from an Eaton Arrowsmith Alumni student 24 years old.

Over the last six years I completed several cognitive retraining programs, two vision therapy programs, and an auditory retraining program (different from Tomatis®). However, only within the last two years did I begin working with Jen Muller and Tomatis® program. This therapy alone as done more for me than any other. My emotional regulation, social intelligence, reading ability, auditory abilities, memory, and even my capacity for wit as vastly improved since I began completing several phases of the Tomatis® program. I started this cognitive enhancement journey barely being able to read, extremely anxious, and unable to communicate with my peers. Now, thanks to the official Tomatis® program, I am reading with ease, a social butterfly, and attending University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business with an 81% average.

For more info – Jennifer Muller  +61 423 831 866

7 years old child did 3 phases of Tomatis Method

This child did 3 phases of Tomatis Method in 2018 when he was 7 years old prior to starting the Arrowsmith Program. 

December 2020, he did a booster intensive focusing on the language zone. 


 All went very well.  I found this last session to be particularly impactful.  He seemed so much more grounded, calm and focused.  He’s taking the initiative more, and even starting to pick up a book on his own, without being asked.  Plans his time better too.  Year 3 of Arrowsmith Program and Tomatis are a great mix!

Farah is so excited to share about the improvement of her child

Thank you Jen.  Rahim seems to be really enjoying listening.  He seems really tired though – I wonder if that’s all the changes happening in his brain???  I’ve noticed that a couple of times when he has asked to keep listening after 30 mins and that we do listen for 60min, he is completely exhausted (so now I limit it to just 30 mins at a go).  He seems to be ‘freer’ in his vocalizations and the vocalizations are more varied.  He also is more able to slow down with some types of play and seems to be following more.  It’s all quite exciting!  Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

– Farah

68 year old lady – Retired school teacher/ University lecturer

I became intrigued with the Tomatis® Method of auditory training after discovering discussion about the outcomes in the Norman Doige book ‘ The Brains Way of Healing”
Throughout university and subsequent lectures on topics of study I have relied heavily on copious note taking to support what I considered a less dominant auditory system and heightened visual kinaesthetic system of learning and memory.
I suffered with dental damage some years ago and the result was hearing loss.  I am currently reliant on hearing aides and my experience with them has been the disconcerting “tinny” sound of my voice that they produce.  This was something my audiologist could not regulate.  One of the surprising and immediately noticeable gains made upon completion of the Tomatis® program was the huge reduction in this “tinny” sound of my voice and the return of capacity to modulate and express and accept my voice and voice tones.
This restores my sense of communication and fluid engagement in conversations with others.
I am thrilled about this development.  Another remarkable gain is in a heightened appreciation and perception of music, most specifically Jazz music. A whole world has opened and engaged me.  It seems I am able to truly distinguish nuances in the music and have a deep appreciation for those who play the instruments.
During the progression of my Tomatis® training I would at times be flooded with emotions especially when engaged in this music.
I do still take notes in lectures but manage to cope very well with much less dense notes as I feel confident with my auditory memory.
I feel I have great improvements in direct listening and comprehension skills, in conversations or listening to the radio.  I can relate the different speakers in a radio program and relate their stories which is something I struggled with and would “switch off”
In conclusion the whole experience has been wonderful and I am ever grateful for the opportunity to be part of this auditory training.

School teacher who has had high sensory issues

I don’t seem to be as sensitive to noise in my classroom as I have been in previous years. I think it’s easier to hear the kids and I’m not irritated with the sound of multiple voices as I used to get. I’ve also noticed a significant enough improvement with my tactile sensitivities that I actually want to hug people! This is a first and my friends are all surprised by my sudden transformation from having a five-foot space bubble to wanting to hug them.

Note from a mum of little boy with Noonan syndrome. Her husband benefitted hugely in the area of organization and planning

I have known Jennifer Muller since September, 2015 and we commenced Tomatis® with her in October, 2016.
My son, my husband and I have all done Tomatis®. My son, who is 9, is more talkative, calmer and more regulated since commencing Tomatis®. The experience was completely painless and drama free for him.
Jennifer is wonderful! She is flexible, understanding, patient, knowledgeable and was wonderful with my child.
The convenience and flexibility of having Jennifer here in Vancouver along with her ability to understand what he needed and to work around his needs is why we would recommend her to anyone considering this amazing therapy for themselves or their family.

36-year-old lady

The listening worked out very well. I could fit in the full amount of listening for all 13 days. I recently went rafting in Oregon. I have been rafting for 28 years and I felt more stable and secure in the boat than I ever have before. I served as the guide, which I have done for several years, and found that I was able to maneuver the raft much more easily and with much less mental effort. I even had brain space left over for conversation and enjoying the scenery. I’m pretty sure that was Tomatis® since I would expect to have had that level of comfort before now given my years of experience.
I also have found that I feel more grounded and am better able to sort out my emotions, which is resulting in a surer sense of self.
I’m looking forward to the second phase of listening!

Mother of a 4-year-old

This is quite unbelievable, his teachers at play group cannot get over how much calmer he is. He is not sitting out of the group anymore but rather joining in and sharing toys like never before. Confidence I think that is what it is. His language is making quick progress and we can actually understand what he is saying. And this is only after one session. We are excited to keep going with the Tomatis® program.

42-year-old gentleman with ADHD

The biggest change I have noticed in the first session of doing the Tomatis® listening program is that I have always had a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. This seems to have completely disappeared. I am enjoying very deep sleep too.

Eaton Arrowsmith Alumni Student

Over the last six years I completed several cognitive retraining programs, two vision therapy programs, and an auditory retraining program (different from Tomatis). However, only within the last two years did I begin working with Jen Muller and her Tomatis program. This therapy alone as done more for me than any other. My emotional regulation, social intelligence, reading ability, auditory abilities, memory, and even my capacity for wit as vastly improved since I began completing several phases of the Tomatis® program with Jen. I started this cognitive enhancement journey barely being able to read, extremely anxious, and unable to communicate with my peers. Now, thanks to the official Tomatis® program, I am reading with ease, a social butterfly, and attending University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business with an 81% average.

5 year old ASD Mum’s thank you letter

hi Jenn!

Thanks for asking! Preston is doing WONDERFUL!! We’ve actually hit some big milestones recently.  He used to be so addicted to the screen, he would need to fill all his free time with it. Ie: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, car ride, … you name it!

But for the past 1.5 weeks, he’s BARELY had any screen time! he’s just been into arts/crafts/drawing/ (activities he used to HATE!)  & building creative things with Lego.

Just this Saturday, he spent 2 hours doing puzzles by himself! I was honestly floored – wondering who this kid was!

One of the big worries i had (amongst many) was his hyperactivity and his lack of focus. Having him sit down for even 5 minutes to focus on something seemed impossible just a couple of weeks ago! I also worried about how he had such little interest in anything besides screen but i’m now hopeful!

He’s also been playing board games & various card games with us! I can’t even believe his ability to follow the rules, take turns, paying attention the entire time….

He’s also doing Grade 1 math & reading (even though he’s not even in Kindergarten)

HIs fine motor, particularly writing is probably his least favourite table activity, but even that has improved so much and he’s getting faster at getting the letters down on paper.

So to answer your question, yes of course having him do Tomatis was one of the true game changers in his life! We wouldn’t be here without having done the therapy!  His speech only really blossomed b/c of Tomatis!  I find it so meant-to-be b/c we literally only just met Lucky through this reading tutoring program and by the 2nd lesson, she told me about her son and your therapy. And i literally probably saw her 1 more time after that b/c covid hit! AND Preston could not focus AT ALL when she was simply teaching him how to sound out /write the letters in the alphabet! And here he is with advance math/reading skills!  lol.

Anyhow, all this to say, thank you for having shaped this little guy’s future =)

From Jackson C’s teacher

Main goal with this child is self-regulation – To minimise outbursts and angry reactions.

Jackson (5 years old) has done 3 intensive Tomatis® phases and one Safe and Sound Protocol so far.

This message was sent via text message to his Mum Stacey.

Today was great. My heart is so full. I’m so happy to see him playing and having fun with friends.

Someone bonked his hand with a dino while they were playing.  He kind of looked over at me and let out a forced cry.  I came to check on him.  Talked about what happened.  We talked with that person who was also upset because she didn’t mean to hurt his hand.  It was so great.  Something like that in the past would have had a much more angry and physical reaction.  He moving in so quickly and kept playing with her.

He played with so many people all day.

Message from Lucky

Message from Lucky

7yrs old boy a letter from his Mum. March 2024

As a hands-on parent, I am always on the lookout for ways to help my son develop. When I saw a little video on Tomatis therapy, I was initially sceptical as I had heard nothing about it in Australia. But I thought it looked interesting and might be worthwhile so I called and that’s when I found Jennifer Muller. She was warm, personable and easy to talk to on the phone and after some thought and research, I decided to give it a go.

I decided a bit of music via headphones could only be helpful and might encourage my son to draw/lego/puzzle on his own. Of course I had questions – lots of questions!! And Jenn was always available to answer them and talk me through any technical issues I may have had.

What I noticed with my son was really positive. Over a period of approx 1.5 years (5 x treatment periods), he became much better able to self regulate and not have tantrums. We used to have periods when he was inconsolable and just did not know how to calm himself down. I’m thrilled to say that the odd time when he escalates now, he is usually quite tired and able to reverse it fairly quickly.

His speech articulation improved and whilst I acknowledge he was getting speech therapy at the same time, I believe it enhanced the swiftness of his development there. His stuttering really pretty much went away without need for the extra speech stuttering intensive we were gearing up for.

His gross motor skills improved dramatically – in terms of playing with more coordination, being able to catch, throw and kick a ball, running without tripping, climbing, jumping, swimming and all playground activities improved as well. Yes, we encouraged a lot of sports play, however he went from really struggling in this area to being one of the ‘sportier kids’ amongst his peers which was so wonderful to see. More coordinated with dancing too.

Fine motor skills also improved with writing from finding it hard to write his name in kindergarten, to writing very neatly full sentences at school. He went from recognising words to reading a level above his class. He began to play the piano and yes, we took lessons, however he grew in strength, dynamics and being able to concurrently read music whilst playing with both hands and singing at the same time very well in the space of 8 months. His memory has always been good and continued to be, recalling conversations from several years ago and always beating us adults at memory games.

As a parent, I enjoyed doing the music Tomatis therapy alongside him which Jenn enabled me to do as it gave us some bonding time together and we would play various quiet games which were quite enjoyable. The music is a mix of classical, marches and Gregorian chants and you barely notice the little pauses signifying neural gating happening in the background so they are mostly pleasant to listen to. Not a huge fan of the chants but loved the classical. The music sort of stays in your head so you find yourself humming along (and noticing your child do it too).

Catching up with Jenn in between therapy sessions has been good as Jenn was flexible with timings and minimised travel requirements for us. Once we got the hang of what to do, she would send us the next program and we would send it back when we finished so it was all very easily managed.

Personally, I have found Jenn to be very trustworthy and sensitive to our needs. She is also very caring toward my boy which means so much.

I do recommend the Tomatis programme and have actually found it much more valuable for my son than music therapy and occupational therapy both of which we had tried. Very happy we found Jenn and looking forward to our next sessions down the track.”

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