Music and movement program for the brain and body

SOUNDSORY® is a Multi-Sensory Home-Based Program. It helps improve motor and cognitive abilities

The program consists of specially designed music processed with
neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises.
The program is 30 minutes a day for 40 days.

The first mission of Soundsory® is to focus on rhythm.

The music is very much rhythmical with 3 different tempos (For example, Tempo 2 for the marches).  Each day is a mix of those tempos to avoid routine for the brain.

By opposition to Tomatis® the gating is designed to be less strong and also easily predictable for the brain. The idea is not to challenge the brain like we do with unpredictable sound contrasts of the Tomatis® Method which is aimed at listening attention.

The aim of Soundsory® is to focus and integrate rhythm to indeed help the brain learn prediction which develops confidence.

Rhythm is really important for movement and coordination. Click here for more explanation.

The bone conduction is not designed to work with precession as in the Tomatis® Method but rather favours low frequencies to stimulate the entire vestibular system and therefore encourages rhythm.

As mentioned before, the sound contrasts are less strong and the high frequencies do not have the same impact on the Cochlea system, since the purpose is not to increase energy but to impact whole-body movement.

Physiologically, it is quite different from the Tomatis® Method and can be considered as a complementary approach.
It does not pretend to get the same results as we can get with Tomatis® but this approach might be powerful for people with vestibular problems.  Concerns Autism, Sensory Integration disorders, (often experienced as we age) Auditory Processing Disorders who also might have underlying vestibular problems.

It is true that in some cases the Soundsory® enables to maintain the stimulation on the vestibule while bringing enough cortical energy. Soundsory® could also be used to continue the stimulation created by the Tomatis® work during the break periods thus helping with integration.

This could also help during the breaks between the Tomatis® phases. As it will keep the simulation created by the Tomatis® work going.

I hope this explanation helps and please contact us for more information on this groundbreaking technology. This link will bring you to the setting instructions.

NOTE: You have to order that from me (Jennifer Muller). Soundsory does not ship to Australia.

Happy listening!

Adaptable to all levels and ages
Easy to use at home
Complementary to various therapies
Requires no app

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