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Jennifer Muller

Originally from South Africa, Jennifer and her family relocated to Australia in 2002.

For over 20 years now she has been pursuing a very keen passion in natural health and alternative healing. She became a Health Care provider in Australia providing professional reflexology and has continued and enhanced her professional development over the years with counselling skills obtained through Living Wisdom, New Zealand and working in conjunction with a holistic Health Store in Gladstone Queensland for a number of years. She is constantly expanding her skills and knowledge with continued professional developmental studies and hands-on experience.

The family then relocated to Canada for a 6-year period as one of her children attended the Eaton Arrowsmith school for cognitive improvement. Her interests lead her to neuroplastic methods as she encountered the work of Barbra Arrowsmith-Young. Her connections with this group of schools lead her to the work of Dr Alfred Tomatis.

Jennifer has earned her status of level 4 Tomatis® Consultant the highest level of expertise available within the Tomatis® Development SA global group based in Europe with Francoise Nicoloff, international Tomatis Trainer and Mentor.

After 6 years of practice in Vancouver, Canada she has returned home to Australia. Her experience with in the field allows her to work with children and adults presenting with learning difficulties, developmental delays, autism, emotional dysregulation, motor planning issues and language delays and the processing of auditory information.
She is very pleased to be able to service both regional and urban Queensland.

“Our aim with the Tomatis® Method is to support and encourage children to reach their full potential.”

“We know a range of learning difficulties can be connected to auditory function disorders. Understanding how the ear can affect language skills, reading ability, speech, and motor skills, and treating with auditory training can deliver a significant response to these difficulties.” 


Liselotte Thoraval

Liselotte Thoraval, MA RCC, is a Clinical Counsellor and Tomatis practitioner. She is passionate about helping children, teens and adults to be their best selves. After experiencing the transformative power of the Tomatis method, first hand, and witnessing the positive impact it had on her own child and family, she made a decision to integrate the method into her clinical practice. Liselotte continues to be inspired by her experiences with the method and is passionate about using it to help people return to or discover themselves. When Liselotte is not working she is practicing yoga, spending time with friends and family, or doing what she considers to be her most important work—being a mother to her two boys.


Alexandra Dunnison

Passionate about helping people realize their potential, Alexandra Dunnison consults on neuroscience-based solutions for people struggling with learning and processing challenges. With over thirty years of experience in formal education, educational publishing, and neuroscience-based programs and techniques, Alexandra offers comprehensive insights and actionable solutions to permanently and measurably improve brain function.  Alexandra helps people access ways to re-wire their brains.

Alexandra is focused on neuroplastic techniques to leverage the brain’s ability to adapt. Alexandra’s experience underscores that neuroplasticity can be successfully applied throughout a person’s life for positive and permanent cognitive change. She has demonstrated successes working directly with a wide audience, ranging from preschoolers to those in their golden years.

Alexandra received her Master’s Degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education and her Bachelor of Arts in Education and Psychology from Vassar College in New York.  Her early career spanned all levels of traditional education from pre-school, elementary, and high school through adult education.  She has worked in educational publishing with companies, including leaders such as Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin and Nelson in both Canada and the United States where she was involved in educational resource research, editing, marketing and teacher training.

More recently, Alexandra has delivered neuroscience programs to students with learning difficulties for more than a decade.  As Director of multiple Arrowsmith programs in Canada and the United States, she has helped hundreds of students leverage the latest cognitive training techniques to reduce the impact of their learning difficulties or even resolve them completely. Resolved difficulties include students’ abilities to process, read, write, pay attention, listen, read social cues, plan and reason.

Traditional educational interventions view learning difficulties as lifelong disabilities that cannot be remediated. Conventional interventions focus on compensation around the challenge rather than direct resolution. Compensations can include giving extra time for lessons or tests, providing a quiet space, and offering adaptive technology. Compensations change the environment for the person.  In contrast, neuroplastic techniques change the person to allow them to successfully manage everyday environments.

There are many avenues to improve the brain.  What makes Alexandra unique is her wealth of knowledge – including with conventional educational systems – and hands-on expertise with the leading neuroplastic resources available today. She is collaborative and holistic in her approach and is passionate about helping her clients understand and access those resources that best match their individual needs.  Alexandra is honored to guide her clients to expand their options and live their true potential.


Tomatis Brisbane proudly partners with Tomatis Australia’s Francoise Nicoloff, international Tomatis Trainer and Mentor and Official Representative of Tomatis Developpement SA in Australiasia and South Pacific.

Tomatis Australia was located at Suite 2 level 1, 41-45 Pacific highway Waitara NSW 2077, Australia.

As the highest level of Tomatis® proficiency we can offer you the following:


1. Access and experience to offer the full suite of options of the Tomatis® treated music.

2. Full Tomatis® listening test assessment.

3. Individually written programs to suit personal profiles.

4. Audio-vocal work – a key component of the Tomatis® Method. Re-calibration of the Audio Vocal Loop.

5. The use of the Mothers Voice and Sonic Journey.

6. Scans. Working at a deeper level developing auditory discrimination, musical analysis and working memory.

7. The provision of Tomatis® linguistic channels used for therapeutic and pedagogical purposes.

Start your journey toward improved auditory processing and sensory integration today!


To find out more about the Tomatis® Method and how it may benefit you or your child, book an assessment with our Level 4 Tomatis Consultant, Jennifer Muller today!


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