How would I benefit from using the Forbrain® ?

The Forbrain is a unique patented technology and functions as an audio-vocal workout.  The moment you speak the device corrects the sound of your voice via a dynamic filter.
The sounds are immediately transmitted back to you via bone conduction, in other words through vibration. You will not hear an echo but rather you will hear your voice differently.
The fact that the filter is dynamic explains that it is continually activating and de-activating the sounds that you are making. It is programmed to amplify high frequencies and soften low frequencies and is triggered by the initial articulation of words and by the pronunciation of long vowels. 

More information at Music and Mind Therapy.

It highlights the so called “bright sounds” which play a very significant role in language development.

This extremely sensitive filter enables you to hear your corrected voice and it is constantly shifting.  There is no pattern and with the unpredictability of this it keeps the brain alert and develops attention mechanisms.
The overall outcome is that the voice becomes more rhythmic, more resonant and more harmonious. By correcting the perception of your voice, the way you speak is corrected naturally and without conscious effort.  This is known as the AUDIO VOCAL LOOP. Forbrain® works simultaneously on all parts of the audio-vocal-loop and gives the nervous system an excellent sensory workout.

There is much peer reviewed research taking place around the world at the moment on the Forbrain®. I have included two but there are many more on the internet.

Science research published in 2018

  • University of Barcelona in ASHA (American Speech-Language hearing Association)
    • Conclusion: Forbrain is an efficient tool in improving the quality of speech of its users.
  • North China University of Science and Technology
    • Conclusion: Forbrain improves the cognitive function of its users.

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