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To find out more about the Tomatis® Method and how it may benefit you or your child, book an assessment with our Level 4 Consultant, Jennifer Muller.

Observations Tomatis form for teachers, parents, caregivers

Prior to the first appointment
Prior to the first appointment, all client information needs to be returned with any allied health reports. Fill up our New Patient Form and pre-fill to save time at your first appointment.

Important Forms for Adults:

Important Forms for Children:

Forms for adults/children should be submitted with the initial questionnaire.

Tomatis® Method Price Schedule


See our Tomatis Registration and Price brochure for more details. Please be aware that within the program there may be extra costs which will be explained at your first appointment.


Tannum Sands

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Due to the remote and home-based nature of our therapies we can service people all over the country.

With regular face-to-face consultations in Brisbane Qld and Melbourne Vic.   

Start your journey toward improved auditory processing and sensory integration today!


To find out more about our Sound Therapy and Listening Program​ and how it may benefit you or your child, book an assessment with our experienced consultants and practitioners today!


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